Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Platinum at Tiffany, the splendor of platinum jewelry and bridal gowns

Platinum Dress at Tiffany
Tiffany & Co. surprised once again celebrating its 175th anniversary with Platinum at Tiffany ,jewelry and summer wedding dresses  made ​​in the most valuable material for a dream collection.Presented during a two-day boutique in Milan in Via della Spiga and the Excelsior Milan, at Tiffany Platinum is a celebration of platinum in all its beauty: the material has been applied not only in jewelry but also in new clothes signed by the bride wedding creative stylist Mauro Adami . The jewelry is so dedicated to platinum and women a line of exceptional beauty, which combines the splendor of the precious metal and the craftsmanship of a tradition that has lasted for 175 years.
Platinum at Tiffany, jewelry and wedding dresses
Tiffany has celebrated its 175th anniversary with a number of initiatives: the house is an important milestone that has been emphasized in the course of this year with new creations.
Alongside the great classics of Tiffany, such as diamond engagement rings , a great classic of the house, here is the wedding dresses, made ​​of platinum.
The choice of platinum is certainly not accidental: Tiffany & Co has always had a great love for the material, rare and precious, so much so that in 1926 the United States adopted the title of purity platinum Tiffany as an official title of the country.

Since 1886, the platinum appears in the creations of jewelry: it was the same Charles Lewis Tiffany to create the first engagement ring history, the Tiffany Setting in platinum, with six brands to enhance the purity and brilliance of the diamond.
The brand has also enhanced the platinum in different creations from engagement rings: Jean Schlumberger for example, has signed jewelry inspired by nature, in addition to the two famous platinum settings for the legendary Tiffany Diamond , one of the most extraordinary yellow diamonds in the world, such as the Ribbon Rosette Necklace , worn by Audrey Hepburn in the promotion of the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and the original brooch Bird on the Rock .
Platinum, however, has some unique features that allow you to create a thread with only one gram almost 2 meters long. In the more pure and is much rarer than gold, as well as having a particular luster that enhances the purity of the diamond.
These characteristics are also born the autumn dresses for weddings presented by Tiffany in collaboration with Mauro Adami, the creative spirit of Domo Adami.
The clothes are so classic made in platinum with full skirts, gauzy ruffled tulle, next to the model in white satin cut on the bias created by the iconic chain straps with platinum collection of Diamond By the Yard designed by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co .
A collection celebrating the house that will delight brides and all women.

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